God, give me a sign, so that I can believe


This book is exceptionally unusual. It claims that Simonsberg mountain in Paarl, South Africa, was shaped and designed by the creator of the world to serve as a monument revealing the mysteries of life. This claim sounds extremely farfetched and does not appeal to the logic and intellect of the day. However, I challenge you... to read with an open mind and decide for yourself.

Some of you believe there is a God. Some of you think there is no such being. Some of you are unsure. This book shows that there is, indeed, a God and a Creator of all things. There is so much more to the silence within than just happy hormones and peaceful chemicals tricking the brain into a God-induced rapture. It also shows that this erratic life with all its nuances is, indeed, a rather delicate design. Not even a pin drop is ‘unaccounted for’. Through this book, you will learn the mysteries that underpin life, the reason for life and death, the quality and origin of our earthly struggles, who we are in the greater scheme of things, that Heaven does exist and what Heaven is like. Most importantly, you will learn that the father is with you every step of the way.

This book only covers the mountain as an entity with hidden meaning, but it ties in with the book The Sign of 911, which shows how the same symbols within the mountain are, indeed, ‘written’ all over creation. As the name indicates, it also ties the event of 911 into the symbolism and explains its purpose ... read more
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